Dog having lots of accidents? Want to reclaim your yard from dog poop? Try a potty box.

Teach your dog to use an outdoor litter box and reclaim your yard; prevent indoor accidents and make clean-up easy and hygienic.


Cut the 2×6 in half. Arrange the garden bricks in a square and place the end of each board in the joint to form a box. Insert the screw anchor into the ground in the middle of the box. Fill the box with pea gravel.

When it’s time for your dog to go, put him outside and latch him to the anchor and give him an opportunity to finish his business. Keep doing that until he knows thats where he needs to potty. Soon he’ll associate the feel of the gravel with potty and know where to go.

This is a superior method to concrete (easy to confuse with hardwood floor or tiles) a wee-wee pad (feels like carpet or rug), or fake turf (which can be messy to clean.

Use quicklime regularly in the box to keep odor down and clean the box once a week.

How to get rid of dog odor

Dog odor can be a problem — nobody wants their home or car to smell like wet dog. But with this product you can neutralize odor organically.