Training – Service Dogs

If you or your loved ones have serious health problems, we can help you with a service dog. A service dog is basically any dog that was trained to help people with disabilities.

Trained service dogs can guide a person with impaired vision, alert a person with hearing problems to the presence of other people or the sounds of an alarm clock, doorbell or a phone. They can pull a wheelchair, carry items in backpacks, open doors, and pick up dropped items.

Steve Welch trains dogs to smell chemical shifts in human blood enabling them to predict anxiety attacks, heart attacks, and fainting spells long before the person experiences them. If the dog is trained properly, it can do all those things and much more.

Organizations we work with:

Steve knows from a personal experience how service dogs can change your life. After an accident, Steve was left in a wheelchair with multiple artificial joints and had to endure 83 surgeries before he could walk again. During all that time, his service dogs were his life-guarding companions, not only fetching things for him and doing a bit of everything but literally were protecting his life. Now, Steve Welch and his team offer an award-winning program for training service dogs for medically impaired individuals (both adults and children).

At SW Canine Rehab we train dogs for PTSD, transfer dogs, seeing eye dogs, cancer detection,
emotional support, and hearing dogs.

Train or Adopt

We can train your pet after evaluation for service work or you can adopt an already trained dog. Call to meet our trained dogs or for an evaluation at 1-800-400-OBEY (6239)

Already have a dog you want to be trained for service? Apply here to see if it qualifies.

Steve Welch’s service dogs in action