Training - Protection

Steve Welch has trained hundreds of dogs for police departments and security applications

At SW Canine Rehabilitation, we offer dog training for police departments, corporate security, industrial security, estate security, personal and family protection. Our top professional trainers work with professional breeders and families to turn their pets into loyal, loving and protective companions. We train your pet to suit your specific needs!

We train:

  • Cadaver dogs
  • Search & Rescue dogs
  • Federal disaster dogs
  • Federal Police dogs
  • San Diego SARD teams
  • Indian Nation dogs
  • Medford Sheriff dogs
  • Hemet Police dogs

More advanced services are available to specific needs such as Police K-9 officers or Schutzhund competition.

Our scope of training:

  • Building search
  • Out of car pursuit
  • Open field search
  • Officer protection
  • Prisoner escort
  • Crowd control
  • Air scenting
  • Tracking
  • Auto clearing
  • Wilderness search
  • Industrial search
  • P.O.S.T. standard

Our handler training focuses on the apprehension rates and an increase in the public awareness.
This training requires in-kennel boarding while training.

ABC Drug Detection School

San Diego Sherifs Office

ABC Drug Detection School

Train or adopt

We can train your dog after evaluation for service work or you can adopt an already trained dog. Call to meet our trained dogs or for an evaluation at 1-800-400-OBEY (6239)

Already have a dog? See if it can be trained.

Some of the protection dogs we’ve trained over the years