Training - Obedience

If you are a dog owner and are having issues with your dog, like aggressive or unpredictable behavior, barking for no reason, and generally driving you crazy – you are in the right place! Master dog trainer Steve Welch and his team are here to help you modify your dog’s behavior, turn your pet into a satisfied functional member of society and make you a happy dog owner.

It’s in the dogs’ nature to please people, so when communication is broken, they are as irritated and stressed as you are that they can’t get things right and make you happy. Dogs don’t speak English or any human language, they understand your body language and your voice tone.

Our training programs teach you the proper way to give commands to help your dog understand what you want from it. With each exercise, you build up their trust and re-establish communication with your pet, which strengthens the social bond between the two of you. At the end of training, your dog becomes a well-adjusted and well-behaved family member.

We offer the following forms of training:

In-Kennel Boarding and Training (Bootcamp)

This training is perfect for the owners who don’t have time to train their dog and are always on the go. This is a more social type of training where your dog learns how to play and work with other dogs. Six days a week your dog will be trained obedience. He/she will learn basic commands sit, down, come, stay, heal (on/off the leash) as well as to not jump, bite or pull on the leash. The owner also receives two lessons at the kennel on how to work with their dog.

Training takes 10-14 days depending on the dog.
Your dog must be groomed, current on their vaccines and flea control when you bring it in.

Private lessons

(In-Home / Training Center)
This is the optimal type of training. It is aimed at strengthening the bond between the owner and the dog. We train both YOU and the DOG. It can be held at your home or at our training center. Steve trains you to train your dog.
This training covers heel, sit, stay, down, come commands. It also addresses such problems as digging, chewing, barking, play biting, jumping, separation anxiety and housebreaking.
This kind of training includes homework that is reviewed at the next lesson.

Must give 24hr cancellation otherwise it will count as a lesson.

Private Lessons includes 5 one hour training sessions.

Cost depends on location:

  • at your home $495
  • at the facility $295
Steve Welch Group Dog Training

Monthly group classes

This option is great for the dogs that need just basic obedience training. Class size is limited to 15 people. One-hour classes are offered once a week for four weeks. Dogs learn basic heel, sit, down, come and stay commands. Classes offered within the curriculum: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Obedience, Schutzhund, Protection, AKC Conformation, and Obedience.

Classes are held at the training facilities in the Southern California area.

Upcoming classes start on Saturday and Wednesday evening and run for four weeks, with two weeks off in between classes:

  • Beginner class on Saturdays will start at 9 am
  • Intermediate class on Saturdays will start on 10 am
  • Advanced class on Saturdays will start on 11 am
  • Beginner class on Wed evening will start at 6 pm
  • Intermediate and Advanced class on Wed evening will start at 7 pm

For the Wednesday evening, class time is subject to change due to Daylight Savings Time. Please call for the next class schedule.

A few dogs Steve Welch and his dog trainers have trained