Steve Welch trains dogs to become functional members of society

With over 40 years of animal training experience, Master Dog Trainer Steve Welch is the CEO and Founder of SW Canine Rehabilitation Inc. Over the years he has perfected the most effective methods that really work! He and his staff trains service dogs, guard dogs, family protection dogs, search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, emotional dogs and everything in between. They also train dogs for AKC ring, Schutzhund ring, and international show ring.


Steve and his team of trainers use a unique training method to resolve any dog behavior problems. We offer individual private lessons at your premises or at our training center, in addition to in-kennel training and group lessons at our training center. We train all breeds and mixes.

Trained to Serve

We offer service dog training or available dogs for adoption for people with various disabilities or medical conditions. Service dogs can sense faint spells, panic attacks, or cancer. They can also provide all kinds of help to people with hearing or visual problems.

Trained to Protect

We offer dog training for cadaver search, search & rescue, K-9 units, body guarding, estate and personal protection. Dog training or adoption of already trained dogs is available.

I am sitting here with my 2 VERY well behaved white German shepherds. They are at my feet in a down stay lying next to each other BEHAVING. I am happy to report that both dogs (yes even Ricky) ate this morning. It is wonderful to have them back and my house feels normal again. Thank you so much for all that you have done. We will continue to enforce and work them as we know how important the next few weeks are.

Desiree M.

Wouldn’t take my two English Bulldogs anywhere else ever! Steve knows and cares for animals of all kinds. It’s one thing to train animals but to see a person care for them as you would it’s another.

Christine C.

I needed some serious help with our 9 months old husky. Mobility issues in my household were a major concern. After being contacted by Steve Welch he agreed to help bring my home to a balance.
Within 3 weeks our dog was ready to return home. If you do what Mr. Welch tells you to do. Your part in this intense training. It’s life changing. I am so completely happy. Our dog is happier. Thank you, SW K9. You saved my happy home.

Nancy A.

Steve and his staff are amazing. I talked to many trainers when I was shopping around for one for my lab puppy. His knowledge and expertise stood out far and above any competitors on the phone. In person, he was very knowledgeable and answered every question I had. My puppy stayed with him for 3 weeks and came back a different dog. Was so impressed with the changes they made to my dog. He sent me pictures and emails updating me on how her training was going. Since I’ve gotten her back he has continued to talk to me on the phone and in person to fix any little issues I have with the dog. One thing I learned is the owners have to be trained just as much as the dog. Above all Steve and his staff are amazing and I will be sending my dogs and referrals to him for a lifetime!!!

Scott S.