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Can’t recommend him enough!

I have trained several dogs with Steve and he is nothing short of amazing. Fiona is a certified therapy dog, but not quite the right temperament to be Caleb’s service dog—but trained extremely well. We bought Rowdy, Caleb’s service dog from Steve and it has been amazing to see the changes in Caleb. It has brought him out of the shell—it has let him face his anxiety and fears. When I have questions, Steve always takes my calls and is patient and kind. If you are thinking about hiring him but not sure, please reach out to me and I am happy to discuss. I can’t recommend highly enough.

—Heather Stevenson

Family outings are now much safer and less stressful

We first met Steve in August 2016 when we brought him a golden retriever puppy to train for our 7-year-old son with Autism. The moment Steve laid his eyes on Cody he immediately identified behavioral flaws that would hinder the effectiveness of the service training and that might be dangerous for our family. We insisted on putting Cody through the service trading against SW recommendation.

2 months later and following a series of unpleasant incidents we ended up surrendering Cody to an adoption center and fostering a 12 weeks old puppy trained by SW. From the very first day, Ryker walked into our life, my son’s life has changed. The quality of the training that Ryker received at SW Canine enabled my son to lead a relatively typical life of a 7-year-old.

Family outings are now much safer and less stressful with Ryker keeping an eye on our son’s behaviors. Eloping and anxiety attacks are now more manageable knowing that Ryker can easily track him if he elopes or lay down next to him to calm down.

We’ve only had Ryker for three months and he has already transformed our lives!

Our relationship with Steve evolved from a professional one to an everlasting friendship built on trust, integrity and Steve’s passion for excellence!

—Rabih Harfouche

Back on track

Still working on my dog’s aggression problems, but, want to say Steve is great! He’s continually correcting me because we know it’s the owner, not the dog!

I went through a course of about eight weeks and was still having problems. It’s been several months since I’ve been there and I texted Steve that I was very frustrated. He came to my house to help me. I’m back to work on my deficiencies and hope to get things on track. Steve is very conscientious and has loads of experience.
— Larry F.

Why I chose to become a trainer

My oldest son, Matthew, who is now 13 years old and weighs 180 pounds, has autism. He “elopes” and is a “Flight risk”, meaning that he will run away from my side in public without any forewarning.

I am a single mom and share custody of my three children with their father. When Matt started his growth spurt at 12 years old, at 5’2″, I knew I needed to keep my son safe when he would pass me up in height.

When I found Steve Welch as associates at an Autism Fair in Fullerton, I was already at my wits end worrying about his safety. My son was 12 years old and already as tall as me in April 2016. Steve and his associates told me they had a service dog ready for Matt.

It was a lot of work at first but once I got the hang of it, I witnessed what my son’s dog could do. The first time he eloped with our dog present, she tracked him and within minutes we found him around the corner. The next time, I was picking up my kids at their after school program, he left my side again and this time his dog tracked him around a school building and brought me to him on the other side. Another time, my son eloped at a grocery store and she not only lead me to him, she was already on her hind legs stopping him when he got to the end of the aisle he was running down. Another time, while we waiting for our take-out order in the restaurant, I saw her walk immediately in front of my son and stood there blocking him before he eloped. When we got our order my son eloped and his dog was already leading me in a semicircle around him and stopping him before he could run into the parking lot. Once I realized what she could do for my son, I slept peacefully for the first time, ever.

His dog is still a dog at home, she plays with my kids, her toys and loves fetch, but when she is protecting my son she becomes a professional and if she is blocking him in advance, I’d sooner move a brick wall than move her away from him.

Because of this miracle in my family’s life, I chose to become a dog trainer.


Tried other places and this place really works, worth every penny!!

My dog, Eevee, is completely obedient after the two weeks in board training. She still gets hyper/excited but as soon as I give her a command, she immediately listens now! I’m not having to fight with her, she walks close and alongside me, follows my lead.

I tried other places and this place really works, worth every penny!

Desiree M.

A dog can be a child’s best friend as well…

Not only can a dog be a man’s best friend, but it can be a child’s as well. And a dog that would be a friend is just what five-year-old Madison, diagnosed with Batton’s Disease, wished for. Madison’s disease causes her to make increased trips out of the house to the doctor’s office, so she wanted a dog that could keep her company on her outings. But because she specifically wanted a dog that would be able to accompany her everywhere, no ordinary dog would do.
Guide Dogs of America generously donated a dog, valued at $13,000, that was being retired from the training program. Madison’s new best friend was found — a gorgeous 1-year-old female Golden Retriever named Yasha. Steve Welch & Associates donated their services to train Yasha as a certified companion dog for a young child. Madison immediately fell in love with Yasha (and the feeling is mutual), and they have quickly become lifelong friends. They enjoy going to the park and even the doctor’s office together.

Blown away by the whole experience

We took our two bully puppies to Steve Welch and his partner Wendy for in kennel training. We returned two weeks later to pick up the dogs. They both knew how to sit, stay and heel after only two weeks! We are now continuing the training at our home and we see excellent results every day. Steve and Wendy have so much knowledge of canine behavior and they know how to use that knowledge to bring out the best behavior in dogs. I was really blown away by the whole experience. Training one’s dogs take lots of effort and repetition. It is not for the faint of heart. I can see why some may view their techniques as harsh but that is not the case. Dogs are not people and they need the structure and training that Steve offers. We intend on going back for more lessons and we are very grateful to them. We now have manageable well-behaved dogs.

Thanks, Steve and Wendy!!

Annika B.

Golden puppy turned normal: no more biting, chewing

We had Steve train our Golden (puppy) and was amazed at how she turned out, no more biting, chewing. She now can walk on a leash by your side, she will sit and stay, down stay she comes when called. She was kennel trained and it took about three weeks and well worth it. You will need to work with your dog when you get home.
You must watch the DVD. Steve can tell if you didn’t. If you want the perfect pet don’t waste your time or money with the other guy’s, Steve is the real deal!!

Joe D.

Aggression gone in a Golden Retriever

We took our Golden Retriever to Steve about one month and a week ago and just picked her up today. When we dropped her off, she was aggressive with other dogs, pulled on the leash, would run out of the house and attack the first do she could find, as well as, she had very strong anxiety issues. So far, she has not tried to run out of the house, she is calmer and she is very well behaved when we take her on the leash.

I honestly did not think it would be possible, but the training seemed to have helped significantly with her behavior and obedience. She will still require a lot of work from us, but I must admit that they did an amazing job. I feel that if they could get this type of result from my dog that they could handle ANYTHING.
Thank you, guys:-)

Sharon F.

Tremendous difference in a dog after training

There was a tremendous difference shown in my dog after Mr. Welch and his staff worked with him. There was no sign of abuse or anything else (out of an ordinary) shown in my dog when he was picked up. An only disappointment I had with this trainer was his facility’s accommodation set up when he had multiple animals on his premise. Other than that, he’s a very caring trainer and knowledgeable too!

Ardella S.

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