Saving a dog’s life is easier than you think.

Our biggest mission at SW Canine Rehabilitation is to rescue dogs and turn them into functional members of society. We have been doing this for years, dedicating our time and own resources to maintain dogs at our shelter and train them at our own cost. At the same time, we always appreciate from the bottom of our heart when someone lends us a hand in this difficult task.

There are lots of ways to help us rescue animals other than just adopting them. You can make financial contributions, volunteer your time or donate supplies for the shelter dogs.

Donate Time

We appreciate any type of help, including volunteer work. Dedicate a few hours of your time to walk or bathe the dogs, make calls or write grant proposals, evaluate shelter dogs or be a foster during holidays.

Donate Money

If you prefer, you can simply make a financial contribution, like pay boarding fees for a week or two, or just donate as much as you can to help us continue rescuing animals.

Donate Materials

Apart from money, we accept donations in the form of dogs supplies, like a crate or a leash, dog toys or food, dog bed, towels or blankets, grooming supplies or medication.