About SW Canine Training

Steve Welch is a 4th generation master animal trainer. He began his personal training adventure over 40 years ago when his hearing-impaired nephew needed a service dog. Over the years, Steve has trained thousands of service dogs, guard dogs, search & rescue dogs, and medical assistance dogs.

Steve is the #1 trainer in the US and one of the finest dog behavior specialists in the nation and nutritionist. Through his unique training methods, he was able to rescue countless dogs that were deemed unplaceable and would have been destroyed otherwise. Steve created the signal dog program for hearing impaired in 1973.

He also had the privilege of addressing the Congress on the topic of service animals.

Steve is a certified ADD, AKC CGC evaluator, P.O.S.T (Police Officers Standard of Training). He trains dogs for the AKC ring, Schutzhund ring, and International show ring. He also trains and certifies Dog Trainers nationwide and worldwide.

Steve’s Unique Training Method

Steve Welch has a natural gift to work with animals and has a unique approach to dog training. His training program is nothing an ordinary PetSmart 6-week puppy training. No sir! It’s a solid behavior modification program.

His method is based on love and emotional rewards rather than whips and dominating the animal. When the dog does things right, its reward is affection. It creates a long-term loving relationship between the owner and the animal. Dogs love to please by nature and they are more responsive to affection than to treats. Owners who work with Steve are always overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised with their pets after the training.

Steve Welch’s business is truly “green.” His training facilities are completely pesticide free, with no negative impacts to the environment. The dogs are never exposed to any harmful substances.

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