Trained to Obey

A #1 dog trainer in the US and one of the finest animal behavior specialists in the nation, Steve Welch offers a unique dog obedience training program that has no equals in the nation.

Trained to Protect

Steve Welch has over 40 years of experience of working with law enforcement officers in saving and reforming problem dogs and turning them into obedient loving work partners with drug detection, substance detection, and attacking capabilities.

Trained to Serve

Any dog, if trained properly, can become a life-saving service dog. It is our specialty and our passion to train companion dogs and service dogs who can detect a heart attack, panic attack, fainting spell, and cancer by sensing changes in chemical composition of human blood.

SW Canine Rehab is a Veteran-owned and operated dog training facility in Santa Ana California.
We are proud supporters of Veterans. Through our special training, we help Vets who can benefit from a highly-trained service dog to help them manage PTSD or assist with mobility. Additionally, we train Veterans to train service dogs so they can also help others in need.

Our Two Kennel Locations

Santa Ana

1602 N. Grand Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92705, USA

Santa Ana
1602 N. Grand Avenue
Santa Ana, CA


Riverside and Temecula area
40225 Reed Valley Rd.
Aguanga, CA 92536

We’re a non-profit foundation and need your help

At SW Canine Rehabilitation, we rescue and rehabilitate homeless dogs, train them into amazing service dogs or K9 units. We do this at our own expense and in our free time. And we always appreciate your donations whether it’s money, supplies or volunteer work.


Really helped with our out-of-control dog. Taught him (and then us) how to get him under control; sitting, staying, etc. We boarded our dog for over two weeks while he was being trained. Dog seemed happy and wanted to work on the thins he learned. We would definitely use them again.

Helene P.

They did an excellent job with our pitbull, Fiona! She was only 5 months old and very shy and timid….they worked with her and worked with her and she is now very obedient and has gained confidence. We are also getting a service dog from them for our autistic son. Two thumbs up!!

Heather S

Steve was very good when it came to training my dogs. He told me he liked a challenge, and my little Yorkies were. My dogs are totally different after his training. I’d recommend him to anyone. Steve took the time to show me the correct ways to walk my dogs. They are very obedient now. Steve also showed me everything I was doing wrong from feeding them, crating them, and playing with them. I can’t thank him enough.

Jason S.

There was a tremendous difference shown in my dog after Mr. Welch and his staff worked with him. There was no sign of abuse or anything else (out of an ordinary) shown in my dog when he was picked up. An only disappointment I had with this trainer was his facility’s accommodation set up when he had multiple animals on his premise. Other than that, he’s a very caring trainer and knowledgeable too!

Ardella S.

Dogs trained, by the numbers

Our partners

I needed some serious help with our 9 month old husky. Mobility issues in my household were a major concern. After being contacted by Steve Welch he agreed to help bring my home to a balance. Within 3 weeks our dog was ready to return home. If you do what Mr. Welch tells you to do. Your part in this intense training. It’s life changing. I am so completely happy. Our dog is happier. Thank you SW K9. You saved my happy home.

Nancy A.

Steve Welch of K9 Dog Training came to visit us and spent a great deal of time detailing his program and how it works. Steve and his associate, Wendy, were friendly, kind and considerate. As a result we let Babe, are Boston Terrier, and deeply loved little girl go with them to Training. We know she is happy and safe and in caring hands. I feel certain she’ll return with some good lessons learned.

Phyllis G.

We had Steve train our Golden (puppy) and was amazed on how she turn out, no more biting, chewing. She now can walk with a leash by your side, she will sit and stay, down stay she comes when called. She was kennel trained and It took about three weeks and well worth it. you will need to work with your dog when you get home. You must watch the DVD, Steve can tell if you don’t. If you want the perfect pet don’t waste your time or money with the other guy’s, Steve is the real deal!!

Joe D.

My dog, Eevee, is completely obident after the two week in board training. She still gets hyper/excited but as soon as I give her a command, she immediately listens now! I’m not having to fight with her, she walks close and along side of me, follows my lead. I tried other places and this place really works, worth every penny!

Desiree M.

Quality Dogs Available

It is our passion to save “problem” dogs and train them with love and affection to turn them into obedient and functional service dogs or guard dogs. If you are looking for a reliable perfectly trained pet as a working dog or a companion dog, inquire us about available pooches for sale.

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